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Welcome to my web site.  My name is Dale Bird and I started Bird Geophysical in 1997.  I consult primarily with oil and gas companies by interpreting gravity and magnetic data for petroleum exploration.

How do I do this?  The Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields can be measured with extreme accuracy – often better than 1 and 20 ppm respectively.  Since density and magnetization changes in rocks beneath the Earth's surface produce gravity and magnetic anomalies, subsurface geology can be inferred by careful interpretation of these anomalies.

Understanding the nature of structures and rock types beneath the surface is crucial for oil and gas exploration. My goal is to create geologic interpretations from geophysical data, this involves applying geologic concepts of Earth structure and integrating geophysical information such as gravity, magnetic, well log, and seismic data. Typically maps and plots are produced that show data and interpreted geology. I work in Houston Texas and you can contact me at:

Gulf of Mexico Tectonic History

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