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  • Permian Basin
  • Powder River Basin
  • Denver-Julesburg Basin
  • Gulf Coast Region
  • Great Basin Region

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  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Caribbean
  • Brazil & Argentina
  • West Africa
  • East Africa
  • India


Welcome to my web site. My name is Dale Bird and I started Bird Geophysical in 1997. I consult primarily with companies in the petroleum exploration industry. I interpret gravity and magnetic data, conduct training courses, and make use of Machine Learning algorithms to integrate magnetic data with thermal properties for heat flow prediction.

The Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields can be measured with extreme accuracy — often better than 1 and 20 ppm, respectively. Since density and magnetization changes in rocks beneath the Earth's surface produce gravity and magnetic anomalies, subsurface geology can be inferred by careful interpretation of these anomalies.

I have interpreted gravity and magnetic data over platform, rift, forearc, and foreland basins in every continent, including Indochina, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, as well as passive margins along both flanks of the Atlantic Ocean, east Africa, India, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

Regarding instruction, I have taught dozens of courses to hundreds of students and professionals.

I work in Houston Texas, and you can contact me at

Non-Exclusive Projects

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  Geothermal Studies

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  Gravity & Magnetic Interpretations: GoM, West Caribbean, SE Asia

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  Marine Gravity & Magnetic Data

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